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Welcome to my Accounting For Real Estate Book In A Blog. It occurred to me that this would be the best way to present this information, and since I have a deep love affair with both accounting and technology, who better to do it than me? Since this is tutorial based, with videos and files to download it made more sense for me to offer this in exactly this type of platform.

The blog is organized just like a book with Chapters and pages. The real benefit here is that you can participate with myself and the other readers by commenting. This will also give me ideas about things I can add to make your learning experience even better. The E-book is available to download in case you want that option. Either way most chapters have links to videos you can watch that demonstrate how to do the real estate accounting in QuickBooks step by step.

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About the Author

My first experience as an accounting consultant was in real estate. You can read the whole story in "About The Author." That was in 2003 - 2004. Based on that experience I have had this "interactive book in a blog" developing in my mind for 7 years. So for me this is, As Victor Hugo said, "an idea who's time has come." Please feel free to post your comments and participate. This is a private community open only to those who have registered and paid for their membership.